Embracing every aspect of show business, Petula Clark's worldwide popularity has made her a celebrated favourite and one of the most distinguished and enduring entertainers the world has known.

Few will realise Petula Clark's significant output as a composer and lyricist. Petula doesn't consider herself to be a songwriter, but there is evidence to the contrary; she has written over 200 works, including film themes and incidental music, an original London stage musical, an un-staged musical and a top 10 hit with You're the One recorded by The Vogues in 1965.

From her first published composition, Golden Guinea in 1959, her catalogue of self-penned material grew throughout the sixties whilst she was under contract to Pye Records in the UK and Vogue in France and peaking in the 1980s when writing with lyricist Dee Shipman.

"I don't look on myself as a songwriter. I'm a sometimes songwriter. I'll write a song if it comes to me, but nobody could say to me, "Will you write me a song?" Because I wouldn't know how to do that. It just has to come" - Petula Clark

Petula is continually updating her catalogue of fine compositions - some of her most recent works; Butterfly In The Snow, Refugee, The Rainbow, Never Enough, Reflections, Happiness, I Won't Care, Meant To Be, From Now On, Never Let Go, A Miracle To Me, Sacrifice My Heart and Living For Today are amongst the best of her career.

When Petula was recently asked whether she would like to be remembered for either singing, acting or song-writing Petula choose her song-writing; "because it is something that comes directly from me."

Here, we examine and celebrate the song-writing career of Petula Clark.

Just For The Record provides for a series of articles around particular recordings and songwriting projects. Keep checking back for future issues of Just For The Record.

Just For The Record:

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