This section of the website, catalogues and showcases over 3000+ items held in the archive collection and is the starting point for researchers and reviewers. There are individual catalogues of each series of the archive that makes the vast collection available for research / quick reference. The catalogues currently available are featured at the bottom of this page - more catalogues to be added.

The centrepiece of the archive collection is the impressive audio and video collection of recordings dating back to the start of Petula Clark's career. As part of preserving the collection, we are currently in the process of transferring and cataloguing the video tape library to DVD for easy access.

The archive houses a vast collection of commercially released 78s (37), 10" albums (4), 12" albums and singles (83), 7" singles and EPs (164) and CDs (373).  There is also a large selection of important overseas releases. The collection also includes a significant gathering of collected works; original photographs spanning seven decades (700+), commercially published sheet music (203), handbills (48), theatre and concert programmes (59), theatre, film and concert posters (40+), record catalogues (13), news cuttings (1100+), reference and film press books (33). The archive collection is actively collecting when it can.

The collection has been utilised by the BBC and ITV for the television documentaries Blue Lady for BBC Four, Coming Home for BBC Wales and Petula Clark, A South Bank Show Special and London Tonight for the ITV network to name but a few.

Accessing the archive is by appointment only as most items are kept at our archive storage facility.

If you have a particular request for something or you would like to make an enquiry regarding material within the archive collection, please initially contact us by email.



PHOTOGRAPHS 1930s / 1940s




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