1945 - 1959

Petula Clark came to prominence after developing remarkable aptitude as an entertainer in her early years. Petula's art, especially in mimicry was known to radio listeners and a career in films, television and as recording artist soon followed with great success. Petula's clever imitations of famous stars like Rose Murphy (where Petula performed 'Busy Line' in the style of Rose Murphy) formed part of her variety concert act way into the 1950s. Her popularity in Great Britain throughout the 1940s and 1950s ensured that she headlined on many variety bills in the provinces and she became a firm favourite during the summer season, very often moving around the UK throughout the summer months.  

In addition to performing in concert and in variety across the UK, Petula undertook roles in three stage plays during this period; 'Dear Octopus' in 1947, 'Sauce for the Goose' in 1950 and 'The Constant Nymph' in 1954. Petula wrapped up the 50s by making her pantomime debut at The Gaumont in Southampton, playing Princess Marigold in Bernard Delfont's extravagant production of 'Humpty Dumpty' alongside a host of stars including Tommy Cooper and Edmund Hockridge.

In 2008, we acquired a large collection of flyers, programmes and posters when the paper archives of the theatre and concert impresario Harold Fielding were sold off - we were lucky enough to acquire Fielding's 'Pet Clark File' which dates back to the late 1940s. Using the contents of the file together with printed ephemera that has been collected over the years, we are pleased to present our unique piece of research work as an illustrated 32 page glossy reference book which chronicles Petula's theatre and concert appearances between 1945 - 1959. The research work features dozens of Harold Fielding's shows that featured Petula including his famous 'Sunday concert series at The Blackpool Opera House' and the enormously popular 'Music For The Millions' touring variety shows.

It is believed that this is the first time a listing of this magnitude has been compiled and published and a copy of our research work has been donated to The V&A's Theatre & Performance Archives in London for reference and future prosperity.

This brand new, 2020 glossy reference book chronicles Petula's UK theatre and concert appearances between 1945 - 1959 and features the details of over 500 appearances and is an indispensable point of reference.

In summary, this publication is:

  • 32 page A4 full colour glossy reference printed on art paper

  • Packed with over 75 illustrations of flyers, posters, newspaper print adverts and photos

  • Features the details of over 500 UK performances between 1945 - 1959

  • Limited edition and exclusive



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